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“Judging the Judges” Are they legal in CA?

(from CD Michel @ calgunlaws.com)Judging the Judges: Are the Taurus and Rossi “Judge” Firearms Legal Under California Law?

California has some of the most restrictive and complicated anti-self-defense laws in the nation. Not only do these laws often ban of firearms that are legal to possess throughout the rest of the country, they also subject law abiding California residents to felony prosecution for inadvertent possession of firearms that pose relatively no threat to public safety beyond the threat that any firearm presents when misused by a violent criminal. California’s complicated laws often keep firearms that are ideal for self defense and personal protection out of the hands of California residents, or create such confusion that a rigorous legal analysis by both law enforcement and attorneys must be performed to determine a firearm’s legality.

Two prime examples: the Taurus Judge handgun line, and the Rossi Circuit Judge long gun line.

Unfortunately, the California Department of Justice no longer offers opinions on the legality of specific firearms. Law enforcement, retailers, and consumers are on their own. To assist them, a legal memorandum analyzing these products and their legality under California is now posted here.

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