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Lessons Learned in Shotgun Course

In the last MDT newsletter I mentioned that I had learned  something new while teaching the last tactical shotgun course.  Let me first state that I subscribe to very little in my life that I ‘m unwilling to be proven wrong about or shown a better way.  That said, I have been teaching for a few years now and every time I learn something new by teaching or from a student.

In the last TSC, during the use of cover drills, I mentioned that I don’t teach the ambidextrous use of the shotgun because of its dificult manual of arms and the dexterity needed to run the shotgun properly from the reaction side, especially the pump gun.  Shortly there after I thought I was shorting myself and the students by not teaching the ambidextrous use of the shotgun.  I new a person using the shotgun gained much more protection by transferring the gun to the reaction side under certain circumstances. At that moment I decided to teach transfers, reaction side shooting and reloading with the shotgun.

The reason I was hesitant to teach the reaction side, I realized, was because my shotguns fit was a little off and made it difficult to use on the reaction side so I didn’t teach it. but it was evident to me during the course of the day that it is not only imperative but necessary to learn the reaction side with the shotgun just like I teach with the pistol and the carbine.

It allows the shooter to utilize cover more effectively, decreasing the chance you would be seen while pieing a corner into a room or hallway. In addition to making you less visible to a potentially armed intruder, you gain advantages in various unorthodox shooting positions.  Particularly those that limit your ability to use cover and maintain readiness from your primary side.

Suffice it to say, I learned a valuable lesson that I wanted to share with you, not only so that you could benefit but that you may also keep an open mind while training.  Just because you haven’t trained something before or been taught something doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way. This reminds me of a quote from Brian Enos, “The mechanics(fundamentals) exist only to prepare the shooter to rise above them”.

Lessons learned on the range help to keep us safe off the range.


Chad Herr

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