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Training Courses

Firearms Safety

Safe use of a firearm depends on a thorough knowledge of the firearm and its operation. The following rules must be studied, understood and followed by the student at all times:

1.  Treat every firearm as if it were loaded until you have personally proven otherwise. And still treat it as if it’s loaded!

2.  Don’t be careless with your gun’s muzzle.

3.  Keep your finger off the trigger until your ready to shoot.

4.  Keep guns unloaded until you’re ready to use them.

5.  Know your target it’s foreground and what is beyond it.

6.  Always open the action, cylinder (revolver) or slide (semi-automatic), before handing a firearm to someone.

7.  Accept a firearm only if the action is open.

8.  Make sure that the barrel and cylinder or action of a firearm are clear of obstructions. If a firearm touches the ground, unload and check the barrel for obstructions immediately.

9.  Always control the direction of the muzzle when carrying a firearm.

10.  Never transport a firearm with your finger on the hammer, on the trigger, or inside the trigger guard.


Immediately upon picking up a firearm, point it in a safe direction, engage the safety, and place your index trigger finger along the receiver or frame above the trigger guard. Remove or open the magazine, open the bolt or slide, visually and physically inspect the chamber and magazine to ensure they are both empty.

Never give a firearm to or take a firearm from anyone until it is verified safe and empty.