Whether you're new to firearms training or an experienced operator, you're welcome to train with us. Find descriptions of our courses on our training pages. Check posts and articles on our blog. Not all classes and courses are posted, if your interested in firearms training send an email or call. Respectfully, Chad Herr Founder/Lead Instructor

Training Courses

General Range Rules

1.  Strict discipline shall be maintained. Carelessness cannot and will not be tolerated during training.
2.  When on the range, do not handle a firearm until an instructor gives you clearance or other instruction.
3.  Instructors regulate who is allowed in or near the training area.
4.  Do not unholster or handle firearms behind the firing line, unless directed to do so by an instructor.
5.  Keep firearms holstered or hanging in the sling, except when on the firing line and until an instructor gives the next instruction.
6.  Never anticipate a range command. Follow all range commands. If the commands are not clear, ask for clarification before proceeding.
7.  Keep firearms pointed down range or in a safe direction at all times.
8.  Do not attempt to catch any dropped firearms or equipment.
9.  Never position yourself in front of the firing line or bend over to pick up dropped items without first receiving clearance from an instructor.
10.  Only shoot at designated targets that can be positively identified.
11.  All loading and unloading during training shall be done on the firing line, and only when commanded by an instructor. All firearms will be unloaded before cleaning and before transition is made to a different holster.
12.  No person will participate in training while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication that might impair their motor skills, judgment or balance.
13.  If you, as a student or participant, need to attract the attention of an instructor while on the firing line, keep the firearm pointed down range and raise your support hand. Do not turn around.
14.  If you, as a student or participant, receive a hot casing on your skin, or if any minor injury occurs while on the firing line, make sure the firearm is safe: holster it or let it hang, whichever is appropriate. Then raise a hand to notify the instructor.