Whether you're new to firearms training or an experienced operator, you're welcome to train with us. Find descriptions of our courses on our training pages. Check posts and articles on our blog. Not all classes and courses are posted, if your interested in firearms training send an email or call. Respectfully, Chad Herr Founder/Lead Instructor

Training Courses

Pistol Fighting, 2 Day course

Pistol Fighting is a two day course designed to further ingrain modern pistol movement into your muscle memory, continuing your journey toward Unconscious Competence(UC) with the pistol.  This course will present an advanced set of skills covering close contact gun fighting, unconventional positions, shoot no shoot situations, multiple target engagement’s and the proper use of cover and movement.

Test yourself against other students in Force on Force engagements.  This is as close as you will come to a true gunfight without actually being in one.  There is a lot of information to be gleaned from this type of training.  Stand across from another Man and, well you decide!

Course Outline Day One

Mindset, Safety and Marksmanship Fundamentals
Course of Fire Evaluation Including Transfers
Lecture; The Importance of movement
Intermediate Firing
Compressed Contact Firing
Close Contact Firing
Unconventional Firing Positions
Multiple Target Engagements
Ready Position Movement
One Arm Immediate Action Drills

Course Outline Day 2

Every Day Cary Discussion
Force on Force Lecture
Force on Force Drills
Gas Only Drills
Gas and Pellet Drills
Threat Assessment Drills
Problem Solving Scenarios
Discussion & Debrief

What to Bring

Baseball cap or visor
Eye and ear protection
Cover Garment (CCW)
Modern auto loading pistol
3 magazines
Sturdy belt (1 1/2″ to 1 3/4″ wide)
Pistol holster and magazine holders
500 rounds of ammunition
Air soft Pistol that replicates your carry gun and ancillary gear(air soft mask, gas pellets and gloves)
Lunch, snacks and water

Prerequisite: Pistol I, or an equivalent class from another trainer.

Cost $300

To reserve a spot fill out the Registration Form and note the course name and date. Or call Chad directly at 310-415-2133.

Due to our small class size a deposit is required to reserve a spot in this course.  Course fee’s must be paid in full 10 days prior to the course date unless otherwise discussed.  To review our fee policies visit our Policy Page.