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3/4/10 Tac Pistol AAR

Tactical Pistol AAR writtin 4/6/10

On 4/3/10 @ 0830 MDT staff, comprised of lead instructor Chad Herr and staff Instructor Richard Elias reported to BCSR A4 to set up for the 0900 Tactical Pistol Course. After setting up MDT Instructors briefed the days SOP. There where 4 student scheduled for the class, two had called and canceled 2 days prior for reasons pertaining to family. Two students were expected for this instruction.

0845 one student arrived on site and on time for training.

0900 class was to begin but we were still a student shy. After waiting 10 minutes we began the days instruction starting with a safety, medical brief and a meet and greet.

COURSE GOAL: The goal of this course is to teach new and experienced shooters how to use the pistol safely efficiently and accurately for sport or defense.

0930 the missing student arrived and was brought up to speed while others got kit ready.

1200 class broke for 20 min lunch break and began discussions about the morning training session.

1500 the skills set forth for the course had been completed except one, After action Assessments, and a couple of drills that would allow the students to put everything together. The Dot Torcher Test and a class accuracy contest.

1545 Debrief of days events and an evaluation of both students and instructors.

Students commented that the instructors did a great job of teaching the skills and emphasizing the importance of safety not only during training but anytime one handles firearms.  Students conveyed that before the course they where unaware how unsafe they had been in the past and that they found a new sense of confidence in themselves and a respect for the pistol.

A student commented that although the instruction had been top notch he felt that he personally needed more training to achieve a level of performance that he wanted for himself.  We love to hear this comment from students because it shows they recognize the depth of mental and physical skill that it takes to be proficient or  better yet unconsciously competent.

Another comment we received from a student was that he would of liked some class time to go over material while taking notes, but he conceded that most students want to be on the range not in a class room and the additional cost for class time would of put the training out of reach for some students.

Instructors commented on how far each student had come from the beginning of the day.  Notes where given to each student regarding there performance, areas where they met course expectations and areas that they needed the most work on.

Honest evaluations where given to both students regarding there ability to perform the skills set forth in the class to accomplish the course goal. All students in attendance agreed that they were capable of using the pistol more safely, efficiently and accurately.

AAR completed by Chad Herr

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