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5/29/10 Tactical Carbine AAR


On 5/29/10 @ 0700 MDT staff, comprised of lead instructor Chad Herr and staff Instructor Richard Elias, reported to BCSR E2 to set up for the 1 day Tactical Carbine Course.  After setting up MDT Instructors briefed the days SOP. There where 2 student and 1 guest scheduled to attend this course of instruction.  Both students and guest were expected to attend.

0830 the first student  arrived on site and on time for training, the second student arrived by 0845.  MDT’s guest arrived shortly there after.

0900 class began on time and started out with instructor and student  introductions.  Instructors then gave the students a visual layout of the range, a safety and medical brief.  The course goal was stated and Instruction began.

COURSE GOAL:  To correlate fight tactics with the rifle manual of arms for the individual rifleman.   To achieve this goal instructors started with a discussion about gear that the individual civilian or law enforcement rifleman might need to aid them in achieving success in a variety of possible missions one might find themselves in.  Slings, optics, bug out bags, active shooter bags and chest rigs were demonstrated and discussed along with other posible kit.

1000 a review of firearms safety, marksmanship fundamentals and shooting positions where performed.  Each member of the class then verified there carbines where zeroed by firing a three round group at 25 meters.  All participants where on paper and made adjustments as needed.  It took a few more groups to verify every one’s zero then we moved back to a hundred meters to make finale adjustments.  

1200 class broke for a 30 min lunch break and discussed the morning session.

1230 class resumed with a Q and A. each student was asked to recall the 5 fundamental safety rules which they had been asked to memorize before coming to class. All participants passed this Q and A without any problems.  Then skills where taught and reinforced with drills.

1500 a break was taken so students could get some water while the instructors set up barricades for the next training event.

1600 the days lessons had been completed and all that was left was a drill to tie it all together and to work some transitions from rifle to pistol with the one student who met the prerequisite training to perform transitions.

1630 Debrief of days events and an evaluation of both students and instructors.

Guns used in this class consisted of one Ruger Mini 14, two AR-15’s and one AK-47.  All performed well with only one malfunction all day with approximately 350 rounds fired.  The malfunction occurred in the Mini 14 and was a failure to fire due to a bad primer.  Although both the AR-15’s and the AK47 were used in this class it is important to note that unless one is using a registered “AW” (California’s definition of an assault weapon) in California the mini-14 is one of the best carbines available for personal defense due to the cartridge used and the environment is is most likely to be used in.  An off list featureless rifle may be used but is far less ergonomic than a mini-14 putting the operator at a disadvantage.  Using an off list rifle with a magazine lock is even a greater hindrance to the operator for obvious reasons.  For more information reagarding “AW’s” visit calguns.com.  Here is a link to there PDF flow chart regarding “AW’s”. link 

Both students commented that the course of instruction had met there expectations and revealed some physical demands placed on an individual who may have to use a rifle for defense.  Knowing these demands allowed them to realize how important gear and gear placement was in addition to proofing any new gear by putting it through its paces in arduouss situations like that of MDT’s 1 Day Carbine Course.  

Other comments from students focused on how much there was to learn for a one day class,  that it was eveident how important it is to put oneself through such training to not only learn the skill set but to put oneself into stressful situations such as the Blind Malfunction Drills where the students where forced to look away while the instructors rigged there  rifles with one of three malfunctions that they then, on the fight cue, had to bring the gun into the fight only to discover they had a malfunction to clear before they could engage the target. Both students liked this drill for various reasons.

Students seemed happy with the class and when asked to provide some constructive criticism of the instructors they didn’t have any.

The instructors gave each student praise for their strengths and encouraged each of the students to work on skills they may have struggled with.  One student because of a prior injury struggled with the prone postition  but worked through the problem to resolve it for himself.  Overcoming issues like this are exactly why we train.  Both student performed well and encouraged the instructors with there level of professionalism and attention to detail. 

AAR completed by Chad Herr

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  1. […] that answer. Here's a link to a MDT review where the reviewer has no ill words for the mini-14: 5/29/10 Tactical Carbine AAR – MODERN DEFENSE TRAINING Also, when I was thinking of taking that course, I had asked on a local forum if the mini was a […]

  2. wsmc27 says:

    This was a fantastic class, and the most fun my Mini-14 and I ever had together!

    The MDT Staff is totally commited to safety and professionalism, and throughout the day were a great group of people to learn from.

    I hope to attend another class of this sort with MDT, and would like to bring our 18-year old for his first Tactical course…these skills/lessons/exercises are so much better for real-world shooting and home defense considerations then just sitting at a bench at the rifle range.

    We all need to train with our firearms…and MDT is a great group to do so with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone, no matter their skill level.

  3. DDM4guy says:

    I was one of the students that attended the tactical carbine course. I’ve own a Daniel Defense DDM4 for about 2 months and this is my first time ever taking a course like this. I found out about Modern Defense Training from Calguns.net and had to try it out because the price was just right.

    The one great thing was that there were only 2 instructors and 2 students. This is basically a private training with a 1:1 student to instructor ratio so I learned a ton! The weather was warm, windy, and dusty!

    Started out by doing introductions, safety brief, talking about gear, then started to zero our rifles. I got my zeroing done quickly so while the other student was zeroing his Mini-14, Chad was showing me additional positioning and transitioning my rifle from firing side to reaction side.

    After lunch we started doing more drills like shooting on the move. Shooting while kneeling, prone, doing urban prone, low squat, and supine. My favorite 2 parts of the class was the malfunction drill and doing a run and gun drill behind barricades at different shooting positions.

    At the end of the day I learned a lot about my rifle and how to shoot it. My rifle was also very dirty at the end of the day and my right elbow was bruised up (next time bring elbow pads).

    I hope MDT can schedule another carbine course in the next few months so that I can go again.

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