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Share comments about your training experience with us.

The staff at MDT would like to know about your training experience with us.  Your comments provide us with insight on our ability to teach and also provides a service to those thinking of taking a class.  Thanks in advance for taking time to provide feedback.

Be sure to share which course you took and who the instructors were.


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7 Responses to “Student Comments”

  1. wsmc27 says:

    Since I previously posted I can make this short. Since August have done a Pistol 1 course, and additional Tac Carbine and additional Skillbuilder days with MDT.

    They were outstanding.

    The courses of fire and instruction are always different, and anything that is repeated from previous lessons is ALWAYS helpful.

    My step-son was also able to attend his first training courses recently, and has sharpened his skill level dramatically! He has also improved his speed and understanding of dynamic action using firearms. I am pleased his level of daily awareness regarding his surroundings is up as well, with many thanks to Chad, Richard and Brandon!

  2. wsmc27 says:


    I had another GREAT day training with MDT yesterday! Big thanks to Chad, Richard and Brandon yet again!

    As in my recent Tactical Carbine course with MDT, range and firearm safety is well-reviewed and the priority throughout the day. Instructions throughout the day were clear and concise, with well-done demonstrations of each course of fire provided in advance of the students active participation.

    Yesterday was their “Skillbuilder” day, which is (imho) a totally awesome value and well-worth our time, money and drive up from San Diego to Burro Canyon. I appreciated the explanations and hands on approach given to the students, and learned so much nearly every minute that these guys are talking and demonstrating proper use of their firearms. Even after course was “officialy over”…watching Richard practice some strong/weak side transitions with his AK was awesome, as was Chad and Brandon joining up in an covering fire/movement barricade shoot (or whatever those U.S. Marines might call it). I always enjoy watching people that are highly proficient in their field.

    From what I understand, the Skillbuilder day is a bit more free-form, so students can learn new procedures and/or practice previous lessons. This worked VERY well in my case, as I had much to learn regarding my presentation and grip for pistol (among other items), and later in day enjoyed carbine practice using techniques and methods trained in their 1 day Tac Carbine course.

    I have come away from this day with even more cool items in my toolbox and look forward to heading back up to Burro next month to run a full day of Tactical Pistol training.

    I’ve greatly enjoyed training in the dynamic manner that I simply cannot get at my local pistol and rifle ranges, as well as having a highly professional level of instruction with fantastic feedback on what I am (or am not) doing with my firearms.


  3. DDM4guy says:

    I was one of the students that attended the tactical rifle/carbine course. I’ve owned a Daniel Defense DDM4 for about 2 months and this is my first time ever taking a course like this. I found out about Modern Defense Training from Calguns.net and had to try it out because the price was just right.

    One great thing was that there were only 2 instructors and 2 students. This was basically private training with a 1:1 student to instructor ratio so I learned a ton! The weather was warm, windy, and dusty!

    I plan on signing up again for the next rifle/carbine or skill builder course or even arrange private training.

    • Chad says:

      DDM4guy, thanks for the comments. It’s to bad you had to work today. we had a great class and it ended up filling to capacity at the last minute. It was a lot cooler and there was no wind. Unlike the 1 Day Carbine course.

  4. AK says:

    I’d have to agree with eld! One thing that sticks out in my mind is that Chad and his crew are able to quickly mold the training environment to accommodate any skill level. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, you will come away with new knowledge that will encourage you to keep on keeping on!

  5. Chad says:

    Thanks for the feedback It means a lot. I look forward too seeing you at the Pistol skill builder. I have some kewl drills to run that I pulled out of Brian Enos book”Beyond Fundamentals”.

    If you have any questions give me a call.


  6. eld says:

    I recently participated in the Pistol 1 course and have to say it was stunning! Chad Herr and his associate, Richard, are incredibly skilled, talented and professional. Their course not only gives one valuable skills, but also enhances the confidence and respect demanding of any individual who wishes knowledge of firearms. Mr. Herr is a perfectionist, and creates the ultimate environment in which to learn quickly, correctly and with purpose. The knowledge gained from this course translates not only to weapons, but also to an overall learning strategy. I cannot recommend his classes enough.

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