Whether you're new to firearms training or an experienced operator, you're welcome to train with us. Find descriptions of our courses on our training pages. Check posts and articles on our blog. Not all classes and courses are posted, if your interested in firearms training send an email or call. Respectfully, Chad Herr Founder/Lead Instructor

Training Courses

1 Day Tactical Carbine

This is not a novice course. The goal of our 1Day Tactical Carbine is to correlate individual fight tactics and your personal rifle’s manual of arms to make the student and there rifle a force to reckon with .  This course will force you to apply the fundamentals in every conceivable position.  In addition to performing emergency reload, tactical reload and malfunction clearance drills you will learn to address threats from all directions in each fighting position. It’s imperative that a fighting rifleman be able to maneuver within any shooting position to address threats from all direction.

How do you deal with a threat to the rear when your in the prone position?  Have  you performed reloads from unconventional positions?  Can you access your magazines?  This course will proof new gear and gear placement.  Whether your Rifle Kit is in the form of a bug out bag or chest rig, this course will point out the flaws.
Bring any rifle to this course.  Bring what you got. 

Prerequisite:Practical knowledge of the rifle and marksmanship fundamentals.

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