Whether you're new to firearms training or an experienced operator, you're welcome to train with us. Find descriptions of our courses on our training pages. Check posts and articles on our blog. Not all classes and courses are posted, if your interested in firearms training send an email or call. Respectfully, Chad Herr Founder/Lead Instructor

Training Courses

Pistol Fighting

You have had fundamental pistol training and want to continue the journey toward unconscious competence with the pistol.  Pistol Fighting will further ingrain the fundamentals into your muscle memory while teaching you to place accurate shots on targets at close quarters and while moving.

Movement is one of the most important aspects of defending yourself with the pistol.  By moving off the line of attack you give yourself vital time to present your sidearm and take the fight to your adversary.  By using movement you gain vital time and may turn the momentum of the fight from the defensive to offensive!

Learn more about Modern Defense Training’s Pistol Fighting Here

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