Whether you're new to firearms training or an experienced operator, you're welcome to train with us. Find descriptions of our courses on our training pages. Check posts and articles on our blog. Not all classes and courses are posted, if your interested in firearms training send an email or call. Respectfully, Chad Herr Founder/Lead Instructor

Training Courses

Pistol CQB

Modern Defense Training’s Pistol CQB/ And the Shoot House:  This course is designed to combine marksmanship and movement as it pertains to enclosed environments.  For example, in and around your home or apartment, work place, mini market or gas station.

In addition to working through problems often encountered indoors we will cover shoot, no shoot scenarios.  We will teach you how to quickly evaluate a person or group for potential threats.  Realistic training deems that you don’t shoot every target you are presented with. Doing so would trigger a trained response to get on the trigger in every encounter. It is not good training and skips important elements in ones overall security. Like staying out of jail to name just one.

Read more about Pistol CQB Here.

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