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Training Courses

Tactical Pistol

Do you know the 6 fundamentals of pistol marksmanship?  How about the 5 basic firearms safety rules?   If the answers to these questions escape you, this course is where you begin to learn the pistol.  Every shooter/gun owner should memorize the first five rules of firearms safety.  These rules go with you everywhere, not just to the range.

The fundamentals, including the safety rules, are the foundation of accuracy and accuracy is what wins both competitions and fights.  In addition to learning how to shoot accurately, you will learn to properly present the pistol from the holster, clear malfunctions, perform tactical and speed reloads and much more.

This isn’t a baking class. You will be doing things you haven’t done before and your body will know it.  That said, no matter your ability, disability or age we will help you find a way to apply the pistol manual of arms and operate the pistol safely and accurately.

Tactical Pistol is the starting point but it’s not just for the novice.  Even if you’ve been shooting for a long time it’s mandatory to revisit the fundamentals often.  The knowledge and skill you will take from this class will make you more proficient and more confident than you have ever been.  I guarantee it, or you don’t pay for it!  That is my promise.

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