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  1. Chad says:

    Well after taking a short hiatus for the birth of my first child I got back to teaching on April 3. It was this course, Tactical Pistol, that was our first course given after the lay off. Now just because I wasn’t teaching doesn’t mean I wasn’t training.

    I had been to the range multiple times with Scott(MDT contributor here and on the range) and Richard(MDT staff instructor). Working on some new skills and some old ones too, function checking a new AR build and just having fun. Ok, to the AAR (After Action Report) for this class.

    Tactical Pistol AAR 4/6/10
    On 4/3/10 @ 0830 MDT staff, comprised of lead instructor Chad Herr and staff Instructor Richard Elias reported to BCSR A4 to set up for the 0900 Tactical Pistol Course. After setting up MDT Instructors briefed the days SOP.

    0845 one student arrived on site and on time for training.

    0900 class was to begin but we were still a student shy. After waiting 10 minutes we began the days instruction starting with a safety and medical brief and a meet and greet.

    0930 the missing student arrived and was brought up to speed while others got kit ready.

    1200 class broke for 20 min lunch break and began discussions about the morning training session.

    1500 the skills set forth for the course had been completed except one, After action Assessments, and a couple of drills that would allow the students to put everything together. The Dot Torcher Test and a class accuracy contest.

    1545 Debrief of days events and an evaluation of both students and instructors.

    AAR completed by Chad Herr

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