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Sun/Jul/01/2012 – Tactical Pistol

Tactical Pistol
Sunday, July 1, 2012
09:00 - All Ages
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Tactical Pistol

The Course goal for our Tactical Pistol class is to provide both new and experienced shooters with the right attitude, knowledge and skill necessary to operate the pistol safely, efficiently and accurately. This course focuses on marksmanship fundamentals, drawing teh pistol safely from the holster and to teach students the combat mindset.

This course will provide new shooters with the basic knowledge and skill needed to shoot in IDPA, IPSC or USPSA matches. Experienced shooters will have an opportunity to revisit the fundamentals, sharpen their skills and improve their speed and dexterity.

We will begin to develop the mindset and skill necessary to safely and properly use a pistol for sport and defense, beginning the journey toward Unconscious Competence (UC) with the pistol.

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